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Friends & Colleagues:

Andres Andrieu– Graphic Design

Aristos Courcoubetis– Graphic Design

Bret Linne– Animation, 2D/3D Generalist

Candice Gleason– Web Design

Damm Designs (Dylan Mangini)– Graphic Design, Game Design, Illustration

Hannah Tomita– Interior Design, Fashion, Product Design, Graphic Design

Kaitlin Dela Cruz– Web Design, Illustration, Graphic Design

Kalle Palmstahl– UX, UI, Web Design, Graphic Design

Kyle Crowther– Graphic Design, Web/Mobile Design

Masami Chin– Graphic Design

Quentin Thomas (Shplinton)– Illustration, Graphic Design, Painting

Riana Lum– Painting, Illustration

Stephanie Boxhold– 2D/3D Motion Graphics/Animation

Inspirational Designers:

Clarence Lee– Graphic Design

Favianna Rodriguez– Graphic Design, Illustration

Feng Zhu Design, Inc.– Concept Art, Illustration

Finien– Graphic Design

Max Kisman– Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography

Push Offices– Graphic Design