Advocates For Healthcare Access


Advocates For Healthcare Access (AHA) is a student run organization in association with the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHUSON). The leaders of AHA requested for a flyer to promote their organization. After discussing what they were looking for in their flyer, it became apparent that they did not have a solid view on how they wanted to brand themselves. Thus, my new goal, before designing any sort of flyer, was to help establish an identity for AHA so that the leaders had a clear vision of their organization’s mission prior to advertising it publicly.


I first asked the leader’s of AHA to think about the ideology behind their organization, asking questions such as “What is the purpose of AHA?,” “What values does AHA stand for?”, “Why should people care about what AHA is doing?” I also had them list off some keywords they wanted associated with their organization. The following were chosen:

Keywords: Underserved populations, Improving access to quality healthcare, Marginalized populations, Low resource, Advocacy, Public health, Community health, Global health.

After giving it some thought, they were able to come up with the following purpose and vision statement for what they wanted AHA to encompass:

Purpose: The Advocates for Healthcare Access investigates, educates, and equips students with the necessary tools and resources to effect change in underserved populations.
Vision/Outcomes:  The Advocates for Healthcare Access will…
1.     Increase awareness of the current healthcare delivery system to underserved populations and barriers that impede access to quality care;
2.     Identify nursing competencies that will best serve underserved populations;
3.     Investigate possible solutions to issues being faced by underserved populations and devise ways to implement such solutions as future nurse leaders.


  • Focus on idea of Accessibility
  • Include letters “A”, “H” & “A” in a significant way
  • Create consistent branding inspired by mission

Now that they had a clear vision of what they wanted their organization to accomplish, I was able to use these newly formulated ideas as inspiration for the visual representation of their brand, aka their logo.

For their logo, I focused around the word “Access” and the idea that AHA’s goal is to provide global access to quality healthcare. One requirement they asked for in the logo was to incorporate the letters “A”, “H” & “A” (they liked how AHA could also be read as “Aha!”: a word usually associated with the lightbulb going on when a profound idea is realized). With this one restriction, and after many variations, I decided upon the current logo: utilizing the form of the letter “H” I incorporated a sense of depth via an entryway symbolizing a point of access into the “H” (Healthcare). This represents how AHA’s mission is to provided accessible healthcare to underserved and rural populations.


  • Representative color palette
  • Distinct separation of information
  • Focus on “Who,” “What,” and “Why”

The logo was approved by the leaders of AHA with enthusiasm. Finally, I was able to start designing the flyer now that the idea and the symbol of the AHA brand had been established. For the flyer, I used the concepts of global health and equality as inspiration for the circular theme.

The color choice of the AHA brand was chosen by the organization’s leaders (now that they had a better understanding of branding and giving meaning to everything associated with their brand); green represents the color associated with rural communities in the country side and also represents the idea of change and improvement for the people in such areas; orange represents the color associated with the poor urban populations and those living in dryer less populated regions in the country side; blue represents the ocean and AHA’s mission of providing global healthcare overseas, giving people a fresh start on a privilege they would not normally be able to have access to.


The main objective of the flyer was to address the questions of “Who we are?”, “What is our purpose?”, and “Why it matters?” Paired with illustrations, statistics, and easily visible contact information, the flyer was designed to be a well rounded yet concise infographic that gets straight to the point about what AHA is about and why people should join the organization.

Learn more about AHA by joining their Facebook group