CDK Global’s EDO Contest, Flyer


Within my first three weeks at CDK Global, there was an open request from management to create a digital email flyer that would promote a friendly competition between the creative team’s web designers. I volunteered and was chosen for this project.


  • Digital flyer to promote friendly contest
  • Enhanced Design Options design contest
  • Inspire creativity, friendly competition
  • Name of contest: “EDO Heroes”

The contest was geared towards the creative team’s web designers who were working on the company’s new web platform, also referred to as Enhanced Design Options or EDO. The goal of the friendly competition was to promote and inspire creativity amongst web designers, in a competitive format, to see who could come up with the most visually appealing and user friendly website, while also adhering to the client’s marketing strategy.

The name “EDO Heroes” was chosen for the contest by management, and the function of the email flyer was to not only promote the contest, but instruct contestants how to enter their sites for judging.


  • Superhero themed
  • Nostalgic comic book aesthetic
  • Create a Hero of Design, and a Hero of Strategy

Since a super hero theme was selected, and the websites would be judged based on their design and client strategy, I created two super heroes, Design and Strategy, who would become the faces of the contest. To complement these two heroes, I decided to design the flyer stylistically in a way that mimicked the old DC and Marvel comic books. I also liked the contrast of ideas when combining a sense of nostalgia with a new company product; essentially advertising something new with something old.


  • Hand drawn
  • Black outlines
  • Vibrant colors
  • Included details found in old comic books

To accomplish the old school comic book look, I drew each superhero by hand, keeping body shading to harsh pure black rather than softer gradient tones. Black outlines were used for elements on the flyer to create distinct separation, and to mimic the outline of a pen. Vibrant, eye-catching colors were used to mirror the color palette of those found in Marvel and DC comics. Lastly, smaller details such as the pricing, date, font style, and word bubbles were used to help legitimize the aesthetic of an older super hero comic book cover.


  • Fun and engaging flyer
  • Print and digital purposes
  • Communicates contest while adhering to “EDO Heroes” theme

The result was a fun, engaging flyer, that could be distributed by print, email or posted on a web page. Reminiscent of the old Marvel and DC comics, utilizing contemporary  vector graphics, it alludes to the classic superhero comic book style.