Google Seattle/Bothell Bike To Work


Google Bothell and Google Seattle participate in the annual Bike To Work Day and Bike To Work Month campaign. Bike To Work day occurs on May 15th, and Bike To Work Month occurs throughout the entire month of May. Each year, a design is chosen to be the face of this campaign. An office wide, open entry contest is held, allowing employees the chance to put their design skills to the test.


  • Healthy and environmentally friendly way of commuting
  • Annually held during May
  • Logo design applied to T-shirt and 3x3in. pin
  • Seattle and Bothell offices participate

This campaign promotes employees to bike to work as a healthy and environmentally friendly way of commuting. Employees who bike to work during the month of May, and especially on Bike To Work day, receive prizes that include a T-shirt and pin with the Bike To Work Logo. The following restrictions are applied to the design:

  • Must incorporate the phrase “Bike To Work”
  • Must include the year
  • Must be visible on a 3x3in. pin
  • Must be visible on a T-shirt


  • Center design around key terms: Biking, Green, Seattle
  • Make design relatable to both bikers and non-bikers
  • Make design applicable to both office locations

My thought process behind this logo was to focus on these three key terms: Biking, Green, and Seattle. Design decisions were made based on the concepts of the city of Seattle, physical traits of bicycles, things associated with the act of biking, and the environment. The goal was to incorporate these concepts into one cohesive visual representation that could be identified by both bicyclists and non-bicyclist alike.


  • Incorporate recognizable aspects of a bike
  • Blend ideas together, keep subtle
  • Use significant color choices

Instead of using cliche images of a bicyclist pedaling, or the silhouette of a bike, I wanted to convey the notion of biking in a more subtle manner. Thus, I used one recognizable aspect of a bicycle, the pedal, but also transformed it by incorporating the motif of Seattle, by synthesizing another recognizable icon, the Space Needle, with the pedal’s gears. The colors were selected due to their association with biking: green represents both the environmentally friendly aspect of biking, rather than driving, and the green of the bike lanes visible throughout Seattle. Dark gray was drawn from the color of bike tires, in addition to the color of asphalt roads.


This logo was selected from the office wide open entry contest for Google’s annual Bike to Work Day and Bike to Work Month campaign. It was featured on company t-shirts and pins, that were given to employees who biked to work. Additionally, it was used on the Google Bothell office website.