Great Recipes of Wellness Campaign


The Great Recipes Of Wellness (G.R.O.W) campaign was created to address the social issue involving the lack of healthy, yet affordable, meals in Los Angeles’ elementary school community. The goal is to not only educate the community, specifically parents of elementary school children, of the existing issue, but to also promote healthy, yet affordable, alternatives to their children’s home meals.


  • What is the problem?: Child obesity, Perceived cost of healthy meals, Cheap unhealthy alternatives being used.
  • Where does the problem exist?: Elementary schools, Household
  • Causes?: Parenting, Lack of Education, Lack of alternatives
  • Who’s affected?: Elementary children

Starting from the ground up, through research this campaign looks at where the problem lies, the causes, who it affects, and the measures that can be done to help solve the issue.


  • Target those who have a direct impact on children: middle class parents
  • Promote radical change in children’s eating habits
  • Address and provide solutions to perceived cost of eating healthy

The strategy for this campaign was to target an audience who could make a significant impact on children, and promote radical change in eating habits. The goal was to not only bring awareness to the problem, but to also provide practical solutions. Thus, our target audience became middle class parents of young children, and our solutions addressed the perceived financial burden of eating healthy by providing affordable recipes.


  • Design direction inspired by Russian Constructivism
  • Keep campaign childlike, engaging, and playful
  • Expand campaign across various marketing collateral mediums

To emphasize a radical change in the eating habits of elementary school children, along with the meal preparations done by their parents, design direction for the campaign was influenced by Russian Constructivism for the radical social change associated with the propaganda of that era. Combined with bright, playful, and organic colors found in fruits and vegetables, this campaign is able to mimic the design aesthetic of the more serious Russian Constructivist posters while still keeping the innocence of youth with almost picture book-like illustrations.

After establishing the design direction that our campaign would embody, a logo and slogan was needed to brand this campaign’s identity. The logo icon, created by team member Aristos Courcoubetis, was chosen due to its playful, childlike nature, which we felt could connect more effectively with both parents and their children in contrast to a stiff, contemporary, corporate design. As a group, the slogan “The Better Way To Go” not only has a catchy rhythmic sound with our campaign acronym “G.R.O.W,” but it also clearly conveys our stance that the healthy and affordable recipes promoted in this campaign is indeed, the better way to go for parents and children alike.

As a group, once we solidified our design direction, individually we then expanded our marketing collateral to business cards, letter heads, posters, billboard ad and bus ads, in addition to mobile mockups of a campaign website and mobile application.


A bright, playful, yet serious campaign, influenced in design by Russian Constructivism, was created that spanned across different marketing collateral mediums. Utilizing a consistently branded look, the campaign addressed the problem, who it affects, why it’s important, and ways to help. A complete case study and style guide can be viewed, showing the thought process’ that lead to the fruition of G.R.O.W.