K & L Auto Sales Inc. Website


This redesign was created during my time at CDK Global. To create this site, the CDK Global website platform was used, along with the creative team’s custom Javascript modules that adjusted the base platform. I also used custom HTML/CSS to make smaller adjustments.


  • No specific requests from client
  • Design direction freedom

This site’s redesign was unique because of the creative freedom; the client did not have any specific requests for what they wanted. Furthermore, their old site was very outdated with a flash masthead.


  • Chevrolet branded site
  • Unique to their dealership

Without much direction, I took the liberty to brand their site in a way that reflected the Chevrolet brand, while also making it unique to their dealership.


  • Utilize Chevy colors with colors from original site
  • Use original assets for inspiration
  • Create unique vector graphic elements

To accomplish this, I used Chevrolet gold to hint at the Chevrolet brand, but did not use Chevrolet blue or white. Instead, I went with black and a light gray because both colors were found in the original masthead. I also carried over the Chevrolet Camaro from the old masthead, and used a Camaro background image for their new About Us section. In this way, I was able to still incorporate some of their older elements into the new site to keep a sense of familiarity.

In contrast, with the creative freedom I wanted to incorporate vector based design elements using Illustrator. Previously, for most of other sites I worked on, I did not use vector based illustrations as a focal point; so this was a good chance to not only try something new, but a good way to make this site uniquely branded for this particular client.

Outside of their inventory, Vehicle Specials and Service was the only other aspect of their dealership that they highlighted, so I decided to use the vector based graphics to highlight this section on their page. Since their overall page length was rather short due to minimal amount of content, I kept the vector elements simple, and incorporated them with the Vehicle Specials and Service content to create an organized, cohesive section that became a focal point on the homepage.


I was able to create a site with a contemporary look, with an illustrative style, that adhered to both the Chevrolet brand while establishing an new image for the dealership’s brand. It was a clean, simple, yet creative solution with a unique touch that gained the client’s approval as their newly redesigned site.

To view the live site please click here. Please note that the site content or layout may have changed since initial redesign.