L.A.X. Infographic Slide Show


The purpose of this project was to create an infographic that would educate the public about a particular aspect of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Los Angeles has a stigma of being a superfluous city, so I wanted to focus on the sustainability of LAX, relating to both the environment and economics. The goal was to not only bring to light unknown facts about the airport, but to also gain support for the efforts LAX has in store to improve the lives of both the millions of visitors passing through it each year, as well as the surrounding LA community.


  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Economic Sustainability

Research facts and data was collected relating to both the environmental and economic impacts LAX has on the surrounding Los Angeles community.*

*Refer to research slides


  • Simplicity
  • Eye-catching
  • Highly visible location

To effectively communicate information about the airport’s sustainable efforts and impacts, I wanted to use entertainment as a way to engage people’s attention. Waiting for a flight at the airport gates can be quite uneventful, so presenting this information as a digital slideshow, on the monitors positioned by the airport gates, would provide a source of entertainment for waiting passengers. This seemed like a more effective method of presentation compared to a large static advertisement on the wall.

Presented within a digital slideshow, the content needed to be simple enough to understand in a short amount of time before the slide change. Thus, the strategy was to use simple icons, minimal text, and bright contrasting colors to differentiate pieces of information.


  • Cohesive color palette
  • Attractive photographs and use of bright colors
  • Limited content per slide
  • Pairing imager with data

To draw the viewer into watching the slideshow, bright contrasting colors were used, along with captivating imagery of the city. The color palette was inspired by the bright colors found in the imagery, which helped to create a consistent branded look. Slide content alternated between Economic and Environmental data so that a person could grasp a broader idea of the airport’s efforts, even if they decided not to watch the entire slideshow. Color was used to differentiate the type of content, along with transition slides, that help to notify the viewer of what type of information is coming up next. Simple iconography was paired with minimal text to support individual pieces of information. Hierarchy of font size, particularly with numeric data, was used for easier viewing, and efficient use of negative space helped to reduce the amount of clutter on each slide.


Located within the airport, and shown on monitors near the airline gates, this slideshow will share information with awaiting passengers, educating them on the very airport in which they wait, while also providing a source of entertainment. As LAX strives to become a more sustainable airport, this educational slideshow will help to inform the public, and hopefully inspire support for upcoming projects that will continue to improve the sustainability and prosperity of LAX.