Pekelo’s Books


Pekelo’s Books teaches people of all ages how to play the ukulele by using an intuitive step by step methodology.


  • Improve marketing and increase sales
  • Quarter page magazine ad
  • Kama’aina Magazine: content about Hawaii

To further sales and improve marketing of these wonderfully crafted books, a magazine advertisement was needed, along with visual enhancements to the website purchasing page. An ad published in Kama’aina Magazine, a Las Vegas based magazine informing readers about all things related to Hawaii, would reach a broader audience of potentially curious learners, while improving the purchasing page’s visual appeal would help to improve the mobile customer’s user experience.


  • Local Hawaiian appeal
  • Familiar aesthetic
  • Entice new visitors

While Kama’aina Magazine reaches an audience that is familiar with Hawaiian culture, through local Hawaii ties or through travel, it also reaches those who have never visited  the islands and have very little knowledge of cultural traditions. Thus, the ad needed to have a very “local” Hawaiian appeal; one that would have a familiar aesthetic for those familiar with Hawaii while still having an enticing taste of the isles to those who have never visited.


  • Bright and colorful
  • Playful font
  • Hawaii motifs and symbolism

Despite being limited to a quarter page ad, a bright and colorful design strategy with playful text was used, in contrast with a subtle Hawaiian print scheme, to capture the reader’s attention. The ad markets both the lightheartedness of being in paradise, along with the joy of learning how to play the ukulele.


This ad helped to improve marketing for Pekelos Books and Published in a Las Vegas based magazine, it reached a broader audience of both potential first time visitors to the islands, in addition to the local commuters from Hawaii who fly to Las Vegas for vacation.