Ron Westphal Website


As a member of CDK Global’s creative team, this site was redesigned using CDK Global’s website platform, our team’s Javascript modules, and custom HTML/CSS. I designed the site according to this client’s input and marketing strategy.


  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Near Chicago
  • Cater to upscale, city customers

For their new site, this client wanted to revamp the look and feel, aligning it more closely to a higher end luxury dealership such as Infiniti. When inquiring about their reason for wanting this, they described how based on their proximity to downtown Chicago, they wanted to market themselves as the dealership to buy from when shopping for a new car in Chicago. Confirming their close proximity, and how they mostly sold sportier Chevrolet cars such as the Cruze, Camaro, and Malibu, the following design decisions were made to adhere to their request.


  • Sleek and sporty look
  • Contemporary

In contrast to their primarily white old site, that had splashes of red and orange, I wanted the new site to be dark, sleek, and sporty, similar to an Infiniti site. Black, dark gray, and light gray were chosen as the primary color scheme, with light blue accents inspired by the existing Shop Click Drive ads. Large black and white background images were chosen to create visual space, and create subtle distinctions between sections based on context.


  • Used dark colors with bright secondary accents
  • Large images
  • Reduce size of content
  • City life motif

Relying mostly on the background images for visual impact, content was organized within each section to create a clean minimalistic aesthetic, alluding to the refined appearance requested by the client. The combination of color and background image choice transformed it from an outdated, flashy, and cluttered site to a contemporary, subtle and organized one, while still keeping the urbanized, city life motif.


The client was happy with the new look, and was especially fond of the black and white imagery, along with the cleaner and sleeker looking call to action buttons.

To view the live site please click here. Please note that the site content or layout may have changed since initial redesign.