Sexton Automotive Group Website


The redesign for this site was done using CDK Global’s website platform, which was then adjusted using the creative team’s Javascript modules. As a member of the creative team, I used these modules and custom HTML/CSS to provide this client with an updated, functional site, in line with their dealership strategy.


  • Short page length
  • Keep only essential content
  • Emphasize trucks

This client wanted to keep their site’s page length as short as possible by including only the basics. They wanted an Inventory section, an Hours and Directions section, and an About Us section. Regarding overall look and feel, they did not have a strong preference and gave free range of creativity regarding design. Their only request was to put an emphasis on trucks. They were a truck based dealership with their number one selling truck being the Chevrolet Silverado 1500.


  • Make site dealer branded
  • Create bold Truck feel
  • Eliminate unnecessary content

With these guidelines, I approached this redesign with the following decisions in mind. I wanted to keep this site dealer branded so I utilized the colors in their logo as the primary colors for their overall site. The font style in their logo was large, boxy, and bold, an appropriate style for a dealership that primarily sells trucks, so I carried this look over to other elements of the site.


  • Use colors from logo to brand site
  • Industrial feel inspired by logo geometry
  • Utilize spacing and removal of content to reduce clutter

I customized the inventory search bar and model carousel to have an angular, industrial look mirroring the look of the front grille of a Chevrolet Silverado. I also created accents in the About Us section that alluded to the angles of both a truck, and steel beams.

To provide some contrast, while still sticking to the dealer’s brand, since they are a multi brand dealership that also sells Buick’s and Cadillac’s, I inserted a more refined, luxurious section to separate the ruggedness of the top and bottom sections. This was to hint at the customer that while they emphasize trucks, they also sell luxury cars; and it was also a clean way to present the Hours and Directions information without distracting clutter.


Compared to their older site, I was able to create a more dealer branded site that aligns with their sales strategy. The dealer liked how their site was short and sweet, and had the unique visual elements found in their inventory search, model carousel, and About Us section.

To view the live site please click here. Please note that the site content or layout may have changed since initial redesign.