Startegic/Startegic Studios


Startegic is a Los Angeles based production company that assists businesses with media consulting and personal branding. CEO Judy Jernudd works one on one with clients to improve their personal branding goals. She offers various service packages that determine the types of consulting and media services she provides, based on each client’s needs. Startegic Studios is a subsidiary of Startegic, and is the production side of the media services Judy provides. 


  • Print based marketing collateral
  • Works with high end clientele
  • Prefers eye catching, classy, and luxurious aesthetic

To effectively advertise her services to new clients, in addition to implementing her services with current clients, various marketing and print collateral was needed to support her business. Print collateral ranged from conceptualizing new business cards, creating flyers to advertise her service packages, and redesigning forms and worksheets that clients are required to fill out during their consultation process. Although she works with an array of clients, with her prominent background in television media, her popularity attracts high end clients. Thus, her preferred design aesthetic can be described as eye popping, classy, and professional.


  • Retain previous elements that Judy is fond of
  • Combine and add new elements to enhance aesthetic and organizational flow
  • Create a cleaner, more sophisticated look
  • Consistent branding for both Startegic and Startegic Studios collateral

Judy is the type of person that knows what she likes, and she did like certain design elements from previous marketing material. To accommodate her preferences, I decided to use these past design elements as inspiration, and tried to incorporate them into the redesigns. Addressing her vision of her company, branded as a professional and upscale production company, I wanted to use ample white space and structure to organize the flow of the content in a presentable. This would not only make her print collateral aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also more functional for her clients to interact with. Additionally, to emphasize the professionalism, I wanted to create a more consistent branding between Startegic and Startegic Studios by implementing similar design elements.


  • Compromised between Judy’s vision and good design principles
  • Reduced content size and used white space to combat sense of clutter
  • Implemented similar color scheme, font, and design elements across Startegic and Startegic Studios marketing collateral

Although Judy knew what she liked, or didn’t like, and had many creative design ideas, she had a difficult time translating her vision into tangible designs. Utilizing my knowledge of graphic design principles and my ability to implement visual works, I worked very closely with Judy so that we could effectively communicate our ideas and find ways to implement them to satisfy her preferences, while still improving the design.

Since there was a tendency for her to place a larger amount of content on each piece, I did my best to use white space and size reduction to create openness, while still retaining the functionality of legibility. Additionally, grouping similar elements and placing them in a hierarchy helped to improve the organizational flow of content layout. To create a more consistent brand, I implemented similar elements (gold, white, and black color scheme; gold banners and lines; stars; san serif font) across all marketing collateral for Startegic and Startegic Studios.


Collaborating with CEO Judy Jernudd, various marketing collateral was redesigned to improve the company’s overall look, while creating a more consistent aesthetic between parent company Startegic, and its subsidiary Startegic Studios.

Utilizing pre-existing design cues from Startegic as inspiration, Startegic Studios pamphlets and client worksheets were designed to be cleaner, more organized, and more sophisticated to match Startegic’s company culture. This resulted in a package of marketing material that was both easier to read and visually pleasing to the eye. The new look helped to effectively entice new potential clients, and improved the experience of existing ones.