Your Auto Giant Website


This website was created during my time at CDK Global. Using the company’s website platform, the creative team, that I was a member of, implemented our own custom Javascript modules to alter the base platform. These modules, along with custom HTML/CSS, allowed each designer to customize the look of a client’s website, while still retaining common functionalities of the base platform, depending on each client’s needs.


  • Owns multiple dealerships
  • Each dealership has own website
  • Portal site used to direct traffic to other dealership sites

This client owned multiple car dealerships that sold different brands, so they had multiple websites for each car dealership. This particular site ( was their portal site, which directs customers to their other sites depending on what type of car the customer is interested in, or on what location is most convenient for them.


  • Emphasize 6 different locations
  • Emphasize service
  • Retain similar look and feel as original site

The marketing strategy for this particular site was to emphasize that this client had six different dealerships, three of which were located in New Port Richey, FL, and the other three of which were located in Wesley Chapel, FL. The second emphasis was on their excellent service. Lastly, they liked the overall look and feel of their old (pre-redesigned) portal site so they wanted the new site to have a similar feel while still looking new and different.


  • Created a section highlighting 6 locations
  • Moved locations section higher on page
  • Increased readability and visibility
  • Placed Service section higher on page
  • Retained original color scheme
  • Retained original CTA buttons
  • Increased spacing

To achieve what this client was asking for, I implemented the following design decisions. I combined the six dealerships into one section, splitting apart the two different locations (New Port Richey and Wesley Chapel) with their associated dealerships. This section was placed higher on the page, right below search inventory, so that it would be the first thing the customer notices after the initial slide ads. Doing so would make it very easy for a customer to realize that there are six dealerships in two different locations that sell different brands.  I increased the dealership button sizes that linked out to each dealership’s website, and utilized a Welcome message to split the dealership buttons by location and grab the customer’s attention at the outset.

A Service section was placed below the dealership locations section; however, since pushing inventory is still the primary goal for any car dealership site, I retained the older inventory call to action buttons, enhancing their look with accents, then used these as a separator to create visual space between the primary and secondary emphases. The older buttons were retained because I wanted to keep some elements from the old site that would help lend to the similar feel of their older site.

Another method of retaining a similar feel of their older site was to keep the color scheme similar. Their old site had a white, blue, and gray theme, so I maintained these colors but used the blue from their logo and incorporated black, because black was also found in their logo.

To create that new look, using the Javascript modules I expanded the site to full width and applied appropriate backgrounds to each section based on the section’s content. Rather than having the site’s contents compacted on a short and narrow page, the page was lengthened and widened so that content could be enlarged and have ample space. This reduces the sense of clutter for the user, preventing confusion for finding content and navigating to the desired pages.


In the end, this client was very satisfied with their upgraded site, and thoroughly impressed by not only the new look, but by the functionality. In particular, they liked the new dealership section and how it highlighted their six dealerships in a structured eye catching manner.

To view the live site click here. Please note that site content or layout may have changed since initial redesign.