Background And Education

From Island Life, to SoCal, to the PNW 

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, I am a Punahou School alumnus who received a Bachelor of Studio Arts, with emphasis in graphic design, from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. While earning my degree, I was given the award for Scholar of Distinction in Graphic Design by Loyola Marymount University’s Department of Art and Art History. I was also selected to display my work in Loyola Marymount University’s Annual Research Symposium.

Upon receiving my Bachelor’s degree, looking for a change, I decided to make my way up to Seattle and experience the Pacific Northwest.

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Path To Design

One Joy Leading To Another

Since a young age, I had always found enjoyment in art and the ability to create things using clay, wood, charcoal, paint, ink, or, my favorite medium at the time, pencil. I loved to draw. Drawing was an easily accessible and convenient way to release my creative imagination, while also combating any sort of boredom. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, it was a consistent hobby that brought me joy, while also challenging me to improve my skills.

Upon entering college, when it was time to decide upon a major that would influence my career path, once I saw that there was a program for graphic design, I instinctively knew that this was the path that I wanted to pursue. I could continue my love for drawing while also being introduced to new methods of incorporating digital programs to create works that are both attractive and functional.

Passion For Design

More Than Just Art

As a designer, I enjoy the challenge of being a storyteller through the creation of graphics that are meaningful, functional, and aesthetically innovative. I appreciate the visual problem solving and critical thinking required during the creative process, the satisfaction of producing something with purpose, and the reward of helping others achieve their creative aspirations. I am particularly fond of branding and identity which incorporates all the aforementioned components of design into one cross functional, cross media project.


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Other Interests

Because There’s More To Life Than Just Design

Aside from design, I’m a laid back guy who appreciates what nature has to offer, particularly the beach. I enjoy bodysurfing a clean wave, hiking up to a scenic view, eating practically any sort of food, trying new beers and cocktails while sticking to the classics, working out (when it’s not too cold), cruising with friends, and listening to Hawaiian style reggae music.