With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, Fluke responded to the shifting climate and demand for human temperature readers by converting one of their handheld infrared thermometers, intended for industrial temperature readouts, to read human temperatures as a way to identity fever caused by the virus. 


For perhaps one of the most reactive new product introduction campaigns I was involved in, I took on the role of lead designer to come up with the campaign visuals. I also assisted in refining the messaging and ensured consistency across all campaign assets. 


The campaign and product launched near the end of the year, but due to the change in market demand for temperature readers, ultimately the product and sustaining marketing efforts were discontinued; the campaign was short lived. I’ve included this project in my portfolio because even though the process and end result was frustrating, in hindsight it was a good learning experience to be a part of such a reactive product launch during global uncertainty. 

67 MAX NPI Campaign, graphic element

Campaign graphic element


67 MAX ppt slide 4

Slide from product presentation



67 MAX application photography

67 MAX campaign photography Photo credit: Louis Fliger


NPI Objectives

  • Show how 67 MAX addresses market needs
  • Convey that product is the most accurate on the market 

Customer needs

  • Accurate and consistent temperature readouts
  • Durability after multiple uses or accidental damage
  • Trust in a brand and product that keeps people safe 


  • Limited photography available – pair with eye-catching graphic element
  • Showcase product in-use to demonstrate relevance to pandemic
  • Emphasize efficiency, accuracy, safety


This was a reactive campaign based on the need for temperature readers during the earlier months of the pandemic, so photography was hastily shot prior to my creative team receiving the request for campaign visuals. Due to the limited photography, the strategy was to use the most clear application photography available (of what the product could do) and pair it with an eye-catching graphic element relatable to the ongoing health crisis. 


The goal was to show why an industrial-intended product was now relevant to public health and why it was the most efficient, accurate, and therefore safe product on the market.  




67 MAX ppt slide 21


67 MAX ppt slide 22

Slides from product presentation


Initial concepts

67 MAX concept 1

67 MAX concept 2

67 MAX concept 3

Product name variations



67 MAX flyer

Approved flyer with updated messaging and product name


  • Use virus themed imagery
  • Use a blue and orange color combo to create high contrast and imply cold/hot temperature
  • Showcase application photography to show product in use


For the campaign’s visual theme, I went with a high contrast color combination of blue and orange to draw attention to the campaign assets. These colors also implied the idea of cold/hot temperature and overlaying these colors onto a virus graphic element suggested the usage of the product. Paired with the application photography of the person being scanned for fever and the updated messaging of “Body temperature results in seconds,” the visuals help to create a quick read of what this product is meant for. A dark blue background helped to create contrast with the yellow product and allowed me to draw attention to the product name by also highlighting the name in yellow. 


This visual theme was easily applied to both print and digital assets, and consistent use of the virus element, paired with the photography, helped to form campaign continuity across different channels/platforms. 


While the campaign’s visual theme was relatively brighter and more vibrant than traditional Fluke industrial product campaigns (with exception to Fluke’s thermal imaging cameras) since this was still an infrared thermometer it was rather fitting to have such a bright color palette. Additionally, it helped this campaign standout from the other campaigns that were running at the time. 

67 MAX datasheet


67 MAX datasheet


Article and half page ad

67 MAX article


67 MAX half page ad



67 MAX email


67 MAX mobile email


Web banners


  • Campaign and product launched by fall 2020 
  • NECA Showstopper winner
  • Product and campaign discontinued by early 2021 


The overall process of this campaign was bumpy, due to the reactive nature of how it started, but it eventually launched by the fall of 2020. The product won a NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) Showstopper award for being one of the most innovative products of 2020. 


Unfortunately, by early 2021 market demand for human body temperature readers declined and Fluke decided to pull the product from the market and discontinue campaign sustainment efforts. 







67 MAX NECA flyer

67 MAX NECA Showstopper flyer

NECA Web Banners