The idea for a company brand center came about to address multiple gaps. Initially, I came up with the idea for a central repository specific to my team (Creative Services) because all of our onboarding, standard work, and brand guidelines were stored in separate digital locations. The initial idea was to create a Creative Services hub, that stored all things design related, which included brand guidelines for the various Fluke operating companies. However, at that time, we did not have the means to create something digital that our team owned. We didn’t want to use up resources from our web team to build an internal site and we also wanted the ability to update and maintain the content on our own. 


In 2020, our team subscribed to Ceros, an online content creation platform that enabled interactive online experiences to be built, including webpages/websites. After using the platform for a few marketing projects, I experimented with building out a test microsite using some of our standard work. Once I was able to verify that Ceros would allow us to build our own internal team site, the idea for a company wide brand center started to emerge, addressing the absence of a formal company brand center.


Since this would be an experiment (we didn’t know if other teams would use the brand center), it was agreed to start off by including content from the Brand Team (Creative Services, Content Writing, Photography/Video) along with company brand guidelines. 





Brand Center homepage

Fluke Brand Center homepage

Brand Center overview

Brand Center overview page


Brand Center Objectives

  • Central repository for all things brand related
  • Central repository for design and content team to house team information 
  • Establish a formal internal corporate wide brand center
  • Help empower employees, especially marketing, to advocate for the brand
  • Create awareness around brand importance
  • Use as an onboarding tool for new hires to familiarize themselves with the brand


Customer (internal) needs

  • Single location where employees can find brand guidelines and brand related assets
  • Easy to navigate
  • Ability to easily maintain and keep up-to-date
  • Understand why maintaining a brand is important


  • Use Adobe Xd to prototype
  • Use Ceros to build
  • Split site content into two buckets: 1) Design and Content team specific, 2) Everyone else
  • Experimentation mindset: Start off small, launch, gain feedback, then improve as necessary


I approached the Brand Center with an experimentation mindset because something like this had never been done before within the company. The strategy was to start off relatively small, including the essentials most relevant to the brand, Design, and Content teams, and then expand from there as more individuals got exposed to this resource and provided feedback.


The broad architecture of the site was to divide it into two parts: The primary part for internal stakeholders looking to educate themselves on brand guidelines and find brand related assets (such as logos); the secondary part specific to the Brand Team composed of the Creative Services and Content teams. I wanted to keep the main Nav simple so that internal stakeholders would not be confused, so I nested both Creative Services and Content team pages within the Brand Team main Nav item. Initially, there were only three main Nav items: Fluke Brand (overview), Resources, and About the Brand Team. 


From a build perspective, I prototyped the site within Adobe Xd for two reasons. The first was because I was familiar and comfortable using Xd to prototype, so it enabled me to work more efficiently to get my ideas laid out. The second was because Ceros is a subscription based platform, so if our team were to ever cancel our subscription, we’d still have a prototype to reference for another build. 


Once prototyped and approved within Xd, I did the actual site build within Ceros to create a better end-user microsite experience. 





Brand Center resources

Brand Center resources page



Brand Center research

Content development

Brand Center content development

Criteria and site map prototypes

Brand Center criteria

Brand Center criteria


Brand Center site map proto 1

Site map proto 1

Brand Center site map proto 1 variation

Site map proto 1, variation

Brand Center site map proto 2

Site map proto 2

Brand Center site map proto 2 variation

Site map proto 2, variation

Brand Center site map proto 3

Site map proto 3

Initial prototype (Adobe Xd)

Brand Center initial proto

Prototype 2, revision

Brand Center proto 2

Prototype 3

Brand Center proto 3



Brand Center, request a project

CSR article selector page


  • Fully interactive microsite built in Ceros
  • Ability for Creative Services to easily update
  • Implementation of surveys and feedback CTA to gain feedback
  • Contemporary aesthetic and UI
  • All Opco (operating company) brand guidelines in one location


The Ceros platform allowed me to design a fully interactive microsite with micro animations, transitions, and effects which helped to create a contemporary website that could easily be updated by my team (Creative Services). 


The Brand Center became a one-stop-shop for all Fluke operating company brand guidelines, brand assets, and other useful information related to Fluke’s brand story. It also became a useful resource for project initiation within Fluke’s Commercial Marketing Team. As a result of user feedback, we implemented a Request Project page for all internal personnel to use. Historically, project initiation was unclear because of the many different venues various teams used. This page became a single source of contact for all of Fluke’s commercial team’s project request forms. 


In addition to the Send Feedback CTA on the site, we implemented quarterly surveys for the Brand Center by placing pop-ups on the site, sending out email correspondence, and utilizing our internal newsletter to expand company wide visibility. 



  • First ever Brand Center for Fluke Corporation 
  • Useful internal tool, specifically for marketing team
  • GD USA award winner for inhouse design


I successfully designed and launched Fluke Corporation’s first digital brand center where various operating company brand guidelines could be found in one central location. With the help of team members, we were able to gain feedback after the initial launch, and update the site with improvements that directly influenced internal stakeholder’s usage of the site. The site became especially useful for the marketing team when we implemented project request capabilities.


Upon submitting the site design to GD USA, as part of their annual inhouse design competition, the Brand Center was announced as a winner for microsites and interactive digital projects. 





GD USA 2022 award, Brand Center

Brand Center GD USA award 2022