In 2022, an internal initiative was started to design a webpage or microsite that would highlight Fluke’s giving framework, publish stories about the impact, and make it easier for people and organizations to apply for support or funding. This project was referred to as Fluke ‘s CSR (corporate social responsibility). I tag-teamed with a colleague to tackle this effort, but eventually assumed the role of lead designer. Together, and in collaboration with our web team, seo specialist, content writers, and brand director, we designed a microsite that flowed seamlessly into fluke.com’s architecture, while enhancing UX/UI functionality and visual design appeal.  





CSR microsite, home

Fluke Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) microsite, homepage



CSR application form

CSR application form


CSR Objectives

  • Highlight Fluke’s giving framework
  • Publish stories about impact 
  • Make it easy for organizations to apply for funding
  • Build internal and external awareness of Fluke’s giving efforts to inspire and promote advancements in sustainable energy at the individual, group, and community levels, globally
  • Show how Fluke is a responsible corporate citizen that invests in people, communities, infrastructure and technology to make the world a better place

Customer needs

  • Internal and external customers unaware of giving program; need better visibility
  • Easy-to-access page where program information and contacts are found
  • Representative of Fluke’s master brand so all Fluke owned companies can link to it
  • Clarity on Fluke’s CSR pillars and the impact Fluke has – feel good to be part of Fluke Nation


  • Easy navigation 
  • Clear organization
  • Emphasize visual design for a more interesting experience
  • Needs to work within fluke.com architecture


Rather than creating a single landing page, we knew that a microsite format would prove to be a better format because of the amount of content that would be added and maintained in the future. We also wanted this microsite to be accessible directly from fluke.com, specifically the homepage, to create greater traffic and to associate the CSR content with the rest of the company’s general info.  Therefore, the layout and design of the microsite had to cater to the constraints of fluke.com’s architecture, while still pushing the envelope of innovation. To provide the best user experience, easy navigation and a clear organization of content was essential to maintaining interest and allowing the customer to both learn about Fluke’s giving and apply for support. 



CSR About Us TOC

CSR accessible on fluke.com via separate link and on About Us page (above)


Concept 1

CSR concept 1

Concept 2

CSR concept 2

Concept 3

CSR concept 3

Prototype 1

CSR proto 1

Prototype 2

CSR proto 2

Prototype 3

CSR proto 3



CSR STEM category page

CSR article selector page


  • CSR link within site footer
  • CSR also accessible from About Us table of contents page
  • Organization: CSR home page > Category selector page > individual articles
  • Card style UI for cleaner visual layout and to showcase articles/imagery
  • Templatize for easier update/maintenance


To make the CSR microsite accessible throughout fluke.com we placed an individual link within the footer, below “About Us.” Since the About Us link take the user to a table of contents page, we also added a CSR link from that page and reordered the links to make more sense based on hierarchy of company information. 

To keep the content of the CSR organized, and to help the user navigate the various giving initiatives that Fluke is involved in, we created a CSR “home page” with four category selectors based on the fields of interest (Advancing Sustainability, Building and Supporting a Skilled Workforce, Extending Education Opportunities through STEM, Driving Community Engagment). Once a user selects the desired category of interest, it would take them to an article selector page with content ranging from written articles to video to infographics. The use is then able to select the topic of interest to read more.

A card style UI was designed for various reasons: Visually it helped to organized the content within a grid structure. It allowed the content to stand out from the light gray site background. It also helped to group pieces of content (images, text, CTA) together to improve organization. A standard card size, and image aspect ratio within the card, allowed for easier updates and maintenance because of the templatized layout. 


CSR approved proto


  • Fluke Corporation branded microsite that all OpCo’s could refer to 
  • New way of learning about Fluke CSR and new method to apply for funding
  • Successfully addressed PD initiative and allowed for new articles to be published in 2023


We were successful in creating a new avenue on fluke.com for customers to learn about Fluke’s involvement in giving back to the community, and for organizations to apply for support. This project directly addressed a PD (policy deployment) initiative of 2022 and allowed for new articles to be published in the following months. 

From a design standpoint, we created a new style of pages that could be templatized and easily updated, while still adhering to the framework of the site’s architecture and layout restrictions. Pages were designed with mobile in mind first, resulting in a card styled UI that allowed for simple navigation and easy visual hierarchy of information. 


Link to live CSR site: https://www.fluke.com/en-us/support/about-us/csr




CSR article page

CSR article page