With Fluke’s decision to enter into the premium insulated hand tools market, a new product category in their portfolio, a campaign was launched to promote their new line of insulated pliers, cutters and screwdrivers. As the lead designer for this campaign, I was responsible for coming up with a visual theme that would span a variety of marketing assets, both digital and print. To accomplish this, I helped direct product photography to get the desired shots needed for this campaign’s theme.  

Insulated Hand Tools Counter Pad Insert

Insulated Hand Tools Counter Pad Insert


Insulated Hand Tools Campaign Ad

Insulated Hand Tools Full Page Ad


Campaign Objectives

  • Enter the U.S. premium insulated hand tools market to expand toolbelt coverage with existing Fluke customers
  • Leverage Fluke channels access and brand strength to expand into the new product category
  • Achieve yearly sales volumes of 217,961 units and incremental revenue of $10.7 million

Customer needs and VOC

  • Insulated hand tools primarily used in troubleshooting and repair work alongside Fluke products
  • Production site contractors are required to use insulated hand tools while working near exposed energized parts
  • Safety is number one attribute driving preference for premium insulated hand tools
  • Trust for brand is key in the decision making process


  • Leverage Fluke brand legacy of flagship products (Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters) to promote hand tools 
  • Keep message simple and targeted to Fluke customer needs
  • Emphasis on products through photography
  • Make ordinary hand tools desirable through photography

To pay homage to the Fluke legacy and brand, I wanted to incorporate a sense of nostalgia into this campaign’s visual theme. I did this by using Boton, Fluke’s serif font, for the primary message “Safe. Rugged. Fluke.” Boton was used more widely in Fluke’s older marketing collateral, and the words “Safe” and “Rugged” are two key words that have always been associated with the Fluke brand. Additionally, classic Fluke marketing used the brand’s two primary colors of yellow and black. By keeping the text in yellow against a black background, and using a serif font with two key words associated with Fluke’s products, I was able to create a throwback feel with the typography.  


Insulated Hand Tools In-Store Interactive Display

Insulated Hand Tools In-Store Interactive Display and Take One Card

Photo credit: Louis Fliger, Fluke Corporation Photographer

Insulated Hand Tools Visual Theme Photo

Insulated Hand Tools Campaign Photography

Photo credit: Louis Fliger, Fluke Corporation Photographer


Since most people know how pliers, cutter and screwdrivers work,  I didn’t want to base the visual theme off of the product’s more obvious function. Instead, I wanted the theme to focus on the products well crafted and insulated design. However, since people also know what pliers, cutters and screwdrivers look like, I needed photography that would make an ordinary product look desirable through dramatization of lighting and perspective. 

For this campaign, I was able to assist  Fluke’s in-house photographer by helping to direct lighting, perspective, product placement and environment to get the right shots. An old toolbox was used, from Fluke’s manufacturing floor, to provide context and once again conjure a sense of nostalgia and ruggedness. Shooting the products at an angle created interesting perspective, and paired with the high contrast lighting, created  dynamic and eye-catching product photography, which I then used for the campaign’s visual theme. 

Initial concepts


Insulated Hand Tools Concept 1

Insulated Hand Tools Concept 2


Insulated Hand Tools Concept 3

Insulated Hand Tools Concept 4



  • Simple and straight forward messaging based on what resonated with Fluke customer VOC
  • Achieved dynamic and stylized photography to enhance focus on products
  • Integrated sense of nostalgia to pay homage to Fluke brand legacy
  • Consistent application of visual theme across digital and print collateral


By helping to art direct the photography, I was able to get the type of environmental product shot I was looking for to put the products at the focal point of this campaign. High contrast lighting and a dynamic perspective made the product stand out again the dark background and created a high quality look. 


Taking the photography, I was then able to adjust it to the variety of layout constraints created by both digital and print assets. Like the messaging, the overall visual result looked simple and straight forward.

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure, Front/back Covers

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure, Inside Spread

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure, Inside Spread

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure

Insulated Hand Tools Brochure, Inside Spread



  • Unified look through photography 
  • Recognizably Fluke branded



Insulated Hand Tools Take One Card

In-store Display Take One Card


Insulated Hand Tools Take One Card


Insulated Hand Tool External Web Banners Suite

External Web Banners